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Ori is originality, also derived from 'origami', the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. In our context, we wish for this brand to have many beautiful possibilities.

Ours means 'things that belong to us'. Our personality. Also means 'BEAR' in french. Bear often associates with man, we hope Ori-Ours can be a good friend to our customers like a teddy bear in childhood, to share lifestyle, culture and to grow together.

With Ori-Ours as bridge to our customers, with originality of brands and designs, to bring out every man's own personality and style.

We would also like to send a message to our customers that life have many possibilities thru our logo OURS, the cool bear, to any guy in any life stages.

We are very particular in our quality. For our men's wear, we will use only 100% cotton or better for maximum comfort in today's gentlemen lifestyle.

We believe in equality too, therefore, we do our best to provide menswear from size S up to size 3XL. Now, everyone deserves good quality things in life. And wear like a gentleman, of course.